2 Dec 2013

A Hansel & Gretel Afternoon.....

....without the eating children bit!

For my birthday this year, I was bought a fairy tale house mould as a gift! It was predominately for making a chocolate house (yes, it's as amazing as it sounds)! However, since it's getting so close to Christmas, we decided to see how it would work as a gingerbread mould! This is a tradition that is becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are lots of shops introducing kits with all of the ingredients measured out and templates or even the gingerbread baked and ready to put together. We opted to start from scratch!

Once they were all mixed together and formed a soft dough, we then just pressed it in to the mold and put it in the oven - we even had enough left over to make a gingerbread boy and girl!

This is what we came up with!

If you want to make a gingerbread house this Christmas but don't want to buy a mould, you can do what we did last year and print a free template from the internet. Bake batches of gingerbread and while it's still warm and soft, cut it to the shape and size you need! Last years effort is in the pictures below!

We're not sure what was more fun...... making or eating our house! We'll tell you once we've come out of our gingerbread induced comas!

If you have made any festive food, post your links so we can check it out! 

Thanks for checking this out! 


We are taking part in The Big Blogmas Project this December along with the below lovelies! Check out their blogs too for more festive fun!

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1 Dec 2013

Big Blogmas Project!

Happy 1st of December!

We can't believe how this year has flown by and we're already getting ready to open those little doors on our advent calendars! 

As this is our first Christmas since starting the blog, we wanted to do something fun and festive to celebrate! We were asked if we wanted to join in with the #bigblogmasproject. This involves us blogging everyday from the 1st December, through until Christmas eve! We jumped at the opportunity and have been busily planning what we want to blog about over the next 24 days!

You'll find lots of beauty posts, Christmas fashion and lifestyle posts, as well as some fun things about what we're getting up to this Festive season! We hope you enjoy our involvement in the Big Blogmas Project and that you check out some of the other lovelies who are also taking part!

Thanks for checking this out! 


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